Conditions We Treat

Whether you suffer from low back or knee pain to balance impairments or arthritis in your hands, we can help. Physical therapy and hand therapy can help to improve the way that you move or use your hands to reduce pain and prevent future injuries. Oftentimes, physicians will prescribe physical therapy or hand therapy for an orthopedic condition or injury first as a non-invasive alternative to surgery. Our therapists are highly qualified and trained in manual, orthopedic, and hand therapies

We treat almost any ailment, condition, or injury you may have that is causing pain and discomfort including, but not limited to:


Abnormal Gait Patterns
Acute Injuries
Back pain
Balance difficulties

Congenital Injuries

Hand Trauma
Hip and Back Pain 
Joint Pain
Muscle injuries
Myofascial Pain

Neck pain

Nerve Injuries

Occupational injuries
Plantar fasciitis 
Post-operative recovery
Post-fracture care 

Post-stroke recovery
Postural disorders
Repetitive motion injuries
Rotator cuff injuries
Spinal issues
Sports injuries

Thumb Arthritis

Common Conditions

Have you recently been diagnosed with an orthopedic injury and are you looking for a little more information? Take a look below for just a few common conditions that we treat. If you have more questions that are not answered by the article, or if your diagnosis is not listed, please ask your therapist for more information. We believe that patient education is an important part of treatment and injury prevention.